Anonymous asked:

DLB needs to stop distracting him and stay home when he's competing. Not even surprising that the only two times he medalled this whole season was when he was not there. Now I'm predicting something will go wrong in the Commonwealths just because he'll be there. I'm over it.

tomrdaleys answered:

Oh wow, you’re actually right. The only times Tom’s medalled is when DLB hasn’t been there… hmmmm

People who don’t want them together should STOP pretending it’s because they want Tom to succeed. It’s because they want to be with Tom and don’t want anyone else to be, plain and simple. It’s just like when any other celebrity crush starts dating and it’s ridiculous. Should Tom’s family stay home? His Friends? Should there be no one to support him or cheer him on?

Grow up, come off anon, and accept that Tom is happy with DLB in his life.


Nash Grier being a racist piece of shit with his “How Asians Name Their Children” vine. Ripped and uploaded here because this trash doesn’t need to be getting monetized hits or revenue.

He’s done. Can’t we just agree on that? Stop making excuses for him and find someone else to fangirl over. He’s done.

If you’re making excuses for Nash Grier you need to stop, there is no excuse. He’s more than old enough in this day and age to know better. You need to accept the fact that you’re willing to ignore his crappy actions/words because you’re attracted to him. People do this all the time with celebrities and he’s just the newest example.

If you excuse him then you’re condoning what he did. Grow up and and stop letting people do bad things just because you like them. Half-assed apologies that try to excuse the behavior don’t make everything alright either.

People like Nash do not deserve to be famous, they deserve to be forgotten.